What we offer..

  • Debt Recovery Services
  • Credit Control Management
  • Outsourced Credit Control
  • Letter Before Action Service
  • In-House Staff Training
  • Consultancy Service
  • Tracing and Litigation


Protecting relationships with your customers, whilst ensuring your payment terms are honoured. That's what we've been doing succesfully since 1998.

We can manage the entire credit control requirements of your business. We protect relationships with your customers whilst proactively ensuring agreed payment terms are honoured. There are two ways we can facilitate this:

Working as your own accounts receivable department.

We understand, particularly for small companies, how difficult it can be switching between the two very different roles of sales/customer service, and the very different type of personality required to chase those valued customers when they are dragging their heels to make payment.

Or perhaps your business may have reached a level of activity that makes it difficult to manage your credit control but is also still not at a level that would justify employing a credit controller. 

Our Credit Control Manager service is the perfect solution. We become an extension of your own departments, specifically, your own Credit Control Manager. This cost effective solution gives you the very best level of Credit Control you would expect were you to employ an experienced Credit Control Manager, typically requiring a salary in excess of £40K. 

As your personal Credit Control Manager we will contact your clients as your own accounts receivable department. 

Protecting your relationship with your customers is important to us and essential for you to entrust us in this role. We have the tanacity to handle queries or complaints your customers may want addressing in order to settle an invoice. We strike the correct balance with your customers to ensure wherever possible positive relationships have been protected, but payment terms are adhered to. 

Our professionalism and experience in this area increases the chance of a faster turn around on your invoice payments and leaves you to focus solely on the sales and business development side of your business.

Working as your partner using our own name.

Maybe the nature of your business is one that regularly struggles to receive timely payment for its services. This can be the case if your customers are mostly placing one off orders or low numbers in terms of repeat business.

From the moment you raise the invoice we can take over as your outsourced credit controllers using our company name CreditControl.Management. This gives a clear message that your accounts receivable tasks are being managed efficiently, requiring payment on time inline with the agreed payment terms.

For further details of how we can have a positive impact on your payment collections please contact us: 

Email us at: contact@creditcontrol.management